Experiences & Qualifications

First, and foremost, we are all about customer satisfaction.
Whether your reasons for geothermal are to go green, or for value purposes (payback).

We will not recommend a Geothermal system, if we feel it is not a good fit for your home. We are always honest with our customers.

We are available to answer any of your Geothermal questions, whether you
Are presently with another contractor, or not. We make ourselves available, due to the fact that we do not want to see Geothermal systems gain a bad reputation due to installer error, or lack of skills, and knowledge.

We have over 25 years of experience in the HVAC/R industry Including:

• Interprovincial licensed

• Refrigeration and Air conditioning Systems Mechanic

• Accredited CGC Direct Exchange ( D/X ) systems installer

• Accredited CGC Water Base systems installer

• Ozone Depletion Prevention certified

• Authorized Earth linked Systems dealer

• Authorized Geofinity Systems dealer


When selecting a contractor, it is wise to ensure that the contractor has all the necessary qualifications, credentials, and experience for the systems they are installing, and servicing,
and ask to see credentials before investing your hard earned dollars in a Geothermal system.
Using contractors who are not qualified will void system warranties.

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