Direct exchange geothermal

A direct exchange (DX) geothermal heat pump system is a geothermal heat pump system in which the refrigerant circulates through copper tubing placed in the ground. The refrigerant exchanges heat directly with the soil through the walls of the copper tubing. This eliminates the plastic water pipe and circulating pump to circulate water found in a water-source geothermal heat pump. This simplicity allows the system to reach high efficiencies while using a relatively shorter and smaller set of buried tubing. DX systems, like water-source systems, can also be used to heat water in the home for use in radiant heating applications and for domestic hot water, as well as for cooling applications.

Why Direct Exchange (D/X) Geothermal?

DX Geothermal is the most efficient geothermal available. There are other options available for us, but we choose to go with what we feel is best for our customers and promote it that way.

There are many reasons to consider Geothermal, whether for new or existing homes. It doesn’t matter if you are focused on saving the Earth’s ecology, or saving some hard earned dollars. A DX, or Direct Exchange, Geothermal Heating- Cooling System is the place to invest.

Please consider these factors:

COP – Ask about it. it stands for Coefficient of Performance, and is the industry’s way of measuring the efficiency of a heating system. Think of it as a dollar spent for a dollar of heat gained. Your typical new gas-fired furnace will get you in the 0.95 range – i.e., you get ninety five cents worth of heat for every dollar you spend to buy the gas and circulate the heat in your house. Propane and oil are even less efficient than gas.

In a home with a tight envelope (well sealed and insulated), DX Geothermal can achieve a COP of as high as five or greater!! Think about it. that means you could be paying as little as twenty cents for the electricity required to circulate the refrigerant in the ground and the air in the building, versus a dollar for the gas and electricity – and even more for propane and oil. Twenty cents versus one hundred for your heat… which would you rather pay?


Direct exchange is inherently more efficient. Thermal conductivity is optimized by using copper piping versus plastic piping in the ground, with no circulating pumps, which means less maintenance, and more efficiency.


Using DX Geothermal greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses released into our atmosphere. Believe it or not, an oil-fired furnace can produce more than twenty two pounds of carbon dioxide per gallon of oil used. If you use 750 gallons a year, you are contributing 15,000 pounds or more of carbon dioxide… staggering, isn’t it? A small town with 1000 houses contributes 15,000,000 pounds per year. It boggles the mind how much we can save the Earth with DX Geothermal.


DX Geothermal utilizes copper tubing in which the
refrigerant is circulated.
Copper is a noble metal, which means it has a very low risk of deterioration in the earth.
Inside that copper is a refrigerant that is:

Not a hazardous waste;
Non-ozone depleting;
Very low in acute toxicity;
Capable of obtaining higher COP and EER performance ratings;


Change the air handler filter(s), and don’t worry about anything else, for many years.


Studies have shown that property values increase by more than the cost of energy saving devices.
And, it just makes sense that, should you decide to sell, your property will be more attractive to more buyers.

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